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Offices Closed to Walk-in Traffic

We are here for you, and we understand the inconvenience of not meeting face-to-face. We appreciate your patience as we strive to keep our employees healthy, so we can continue "to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services in an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner resulting in a high level of satisfaction among our customers."

Your Call is Still Important to Us

Our team is still recovering from COVID staffing shortages. We thank you all for your patience as we return calls and process payments. As a reminder, no penalties were issued in January due to the delayed receipt of the December statements. We are working with our providers to create a better experience moving forward. Details […]

Your Call is Important to Us

Your call is important to us; however, due to COVID staffing issues, we are unable to take calls at this time. December, paper, statements will arrive this week and no late fees will be assessed. If you have still not received your statement, please scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the […]

Dec Statement Update

Thanks for your patience! December statements are in the mail and should arrive 1/11-1/12. All customers were sent a paper statement and instructions on accessing the new customer web portal. We understand the inconvenience and will provide leniency on remittances. Instructions for accessing the new customer web portal are enclosed with the December statement. Staff […]

December Statements

December statements have not been released yet. The new payment portal is active, but not ready for full use. Statements are anticipated to be mailed this week. All customers will receive a paper statement via USPS. We appreciate your patience and request that calls be held until 1/10 to allow our staff to focus on […]


Happy New Year! All instructions for accessing the new customer web portal will be in the December statement, which will be issued by USPS mail the week of January 3. We understand that you may have questions and we ask that you kindly wait until your bill is received prior to calling. If you have […]


We will be closed 12/24, 12/27, and 12/31 for the holidays. The payment portal is closed to all customers at this time and notice will be sent when the new portal is available. Wishing you and yours a safe an happy holiday. FacebookemailTwitterPinterestShare this…


MAWSA will be closing the current payment portal on December 17, 2021. Customers previously set for automatic withdrawals will have their December statement drafted on December 17. Once account numbers have been assigned, the new payment portal will be ready, and registration may begin. A message will be included on the December statement, which will […]

We’re #WorkingForYou! Check out the 2022 Rates for Water and Sewer

Through innovation and operational efficiencies, The Authority has worked diligently over the past decade to provide you with a high level of service while maintaining the lowest rates possible. Taking this same, prudent, approach we have evaluated the regulatory requirements, capital – intensive projects and inflationary pressures that require continued investment in our water and […]

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience as we navigate our new system and set up the remainder if its services. Our staff is all new at this, so we genuinely appreciate it. We look forward to being up and running so we can provide you with a new, faster, online payment portal with lower credit card […]

Monthly Billing

We have been running a side-by-side of the new software with the old software for quality assurance. Keep an eye on your billing statement messaging for updates regarding the switch and the new payment portal. FacebookemailTwitterPinterestShare this…