Customer Web Portal (CWP) Account View & Access

Access to the CWP allows you to view account history, pending and posted account transactions, and more. There are two ways accounts can be set to access on our CWP.

  • Default Account Setting
    • Owner is the only party with an account number. All users with access to that account number can see the balances for all locations under that account number.
    • Personal, secure wallets for each login crated, regardless of shared account number.
    • Autopay will pay for all of the location balances on the account number.
    • Bills will always be sent to the owner. Copies may go to the property manager and tenant as chosen by the owner.
  • Alternate Account Setting
    • Tenant is provided an account number. Owner has a separate account number.
    • Personal, secure wallets for each login created under the account number.
    • Owner will continue to receive bills. Property owners can also receive copies.
    • Autopay can be used by tenant. Autopay will only pay for that 1 location.

What Else Can I do on the Customer Web Portal?

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Set up autopay
  • Request service
  • Set communication preferences for statements
  • View account messages from our team
  • View historic usage
  • View financial history
  • View trends

For more information about payments and payment types, please click here to visit our payments page.