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Customer Web Portal

Customer Web Portal Account View & Access

Access to the CWP allows your to view account history, pending and posted account transactions, and more.
There are two ways accounts can be set to access on our CWP.

Option 1 of 2 – Default Account Setting
Owners, property managers, and tenants share one account number. Any party with this accont number cna see the full list of locations under the account nubmer and the balancese due.
An autopay set up with Option 1 will pay all of the accounts listed under the account number.

The owner, property manger, and tenants can set up individual usernames and passwords. This allows a secure access point for each party where they can pick and choose to pay for one location or as many as is selected. Wallet items such as bank accounts and credit cards are not accessible by anyone other than the person who set up the username and password.

For example: Owner, property manager and 3 tenants are on 123 Friend Street, Units A, B, and C.

The owner, property manager, and each tenant at A, B, and C, respectively, will each have their own unique username and their own unique password. The account number will then have 5 different portal accounts, each individualized to each person, and not accessible by anyone else. The wallets created to save bank information and credit card information is also not accessibly by anyone else.

Owners wishing to use Option 1 and have tenants make payments to their own account should understandd that the shared account number means that the tenants with access to the owner’s acccount number can see all balances related to the owner’s account number, and that the tenant is to be careful only check off their apartment when making payment. It should also be made known to the tenant that using autopay under Option 1 will pay for all accounts under the owner’s account number. For tenant access to autopay for their apartment alone, they should request Option 2 (the alternate account setup) from their landlord.

Option 2 of 2 – Alternate Account Setting

The owner writes in to let MAWSA know that they would like an alternet account setup for their tenant. This can be done by going to the Contact Us page here.

A unique account will be set up where the tenant at the unit received a direct copy of the statement and has autopay access to only their specific unit.

For a breakdown of default versus alternate account settings, click here.

Registering for an account on the CWP is not mandatory, but it is a great self-service tool for checking balances and reviewing pending and posted payments, and account history.

What Else Can I do on the Customer Web Portal?

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Set up autopay
  • Request service
  • Set communication preferences for statements
  • Update your contact information such as mailing address, email, and phone number
  • View account messages from our team
  • View historic usage
  • View financial history
  • View trends

For more information about payments and payment types, please click here to visit our payments page.