New Customer Web Portal

Customer Web Portal Account View & Access

The default parameters for the new portal is that owners, property managers, and tenants share one account number. This satisfies the frequently requested service of allowing tenants, property manager, and owners with the ability to use the automatic withdrawal payment feature. It is packaged this way by our provider.

To clarify, with the current default settings, when a party uses the account number to find their account, anyone with that account number will see the locations and balances affiliated with that account number. For example, if Mr. John Friendly has an 4-unit apartment, they may view and pay all 4 at the same time with one login.

If Mr. Friendly shares his account number with his property manager and tenants. The property manager and tenants would create their own usernames and passwords. They cannot see Mr. Friendly’s username and password. The property manager and tenant will; however, be able to see the balance of each of the 4-units because they are using the same account number as Mr. Friendly. They will not have access to any saved payment information like Mr. Friendly would.

Alternatively, Mr. Friendly can request an alternate account setup for his tenants. This would provide a separate account number to each tenant and give access to autopay to the tenant. This new feature is exciting news as we are now finally able to offer automatic payments and online payments to whomever wishes. An added bonus is that this will also allow anonymous benevolence payments such as those received by the Manheim Ministerium, Salvation Army, and Good Samaritans wishing to do a good deed for another account.

For a breakdown of default versus alternate account settings, click here.

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Draft (ACH/bank draft) Payments

Draft payments will be done monthly. MAWSA will issue ACH (bank draft payment) requests to banks on the 16th, or the closest business day, so that funds are pulled from your account on the 17th or the closest business day. Locations wishing to have their payments drafted by MAWSA must be signed up each month (or have signed up for automatic drafts prior) to 12 Noon on the 16th.

On the draft date, MAWSA will create a request file and submit it to MAWSA’s bank. MAWSA’s bank will then reach out to your bank. Your bank will send funds or message of error and MAWSA will proceed accordingly once our bank provides the results of the request.

If your bank is already integrated in real-time, you will need to log into your bank where you can verify your bank and balance. Some banks require two-factor authentication. If you do not have sufficient funds at the time of signup, you will be allowed to proceed with setup of automatic withdrawals. Please be sure funds are available before the draft file is created. In some cases a “soft decline” will be provided by your bank, prompting the suggestion of a different payment method.

If your bank is not already integrated with the customer web portal, it will ask you to “link with account numbers” and will process two unique micro deposits into your bank account. These deposits will need to be verified in order to validate your setup. This step could take 1 or 2 business days.

After your bank information is set up, and the PLAID verification process is completed, you will need to click the “I want to manage my payment methods” link in the right-hand side in the help box of the customer web portal (CWP). Click “Set up AutoPay” to view your bank option.

If you are getting an autopay error message, chances are you have already entered your banking information. Click on “I want to manage my payment methods”. Select the “Set Autopay” box. Select link your account, and verify your information.

At this time on demand bank draft payments are not supported. If you want to use an on demand bank draft to pay, please reach out to your financial institution about their online banking services.

Locations wishing to participate in a bank draft payments in the future must be signed up for bank draft withdrawal (with our without automatic drafts) by 12 Noon on the 16th. Access the customer web portal here. Click “register here”, setup your account, in the help box on the right hand side of the screen click “Set Up AutoPay” to enter bank draft information.

Draft payments will be requested as noted above. Once your bank has approved payment to MAWSA, the funds will be applied to your account and visible on the customer web portal.

There is no fee for draft payments and you only have to sign up once.

Credit Card Payments

A fee is billed and collected by our payment processor. The fee amount is displayed on the payment screen prior to you authorizing the payment. We are happy to report that the fee is lower.

Credit card payments are not mandatory. You may use a bank draft payment by selecting Set Up AutoPay. (Please see above regarding how draft payments work.)

If you are using a credit card to autopay, please sign up by 12 Noon on the 16th. If you pay and then sign up for autopay, both payments will draft, so please be mindful if which one you would like to use. Accidental overpays will be applied to the account.

Please remember to update your credit cards when they are replaced or expiring.


The set up autopay button at the top of the screen only works for credit cards. Our provider is aware of this. Please use the help box to the right to set up autopay for bank drafts.

After your bank is verified you will need to select the verified bank account and enter the requested information (typically the account name) and click Confirm. Then in the right hand side help box you will be able to manage and enable the autopay. Just getting the bank information in and verified alone does not tell the system to go ahead and use that account for the autopay because customers may have more than one account in the system at any given time. Once you have enabled the autopay feature this process will not have to be repeated.

What Else Can I do on the Customer Web Portal?

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • QuickPay (make a payment without saving information)
  • Request service
  • Set communication preferences for statements and a variety of other notifications
  • Update your contact information such as mailing address, email, and phone number
  • View account messages from our team, usage and financial history, and trends

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