The annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), also known as the “Water Quality Report”, or “Drinking Water Quality Report”, is an opportunity for us to share with you about the status of your water quality and the measures taken to assure its quality and safety. Each year we compile the results of our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and mullti-annual tests into a mailer that is sent to each customer.

If you live in a priperty where you do not receive direct communications from MAWSA such as an apartment, copies are sent to your property owner. You may also find a copy by clicking here.

More about your water


MAWSA utilizes 2 wells drilled into the Eplea formation aquifer, which lies approximately 200 feet below the Earth’s surface. Raw water is drawn, treated, and stored for transmission to our customer base. Having a safe sources of water supply is very important to what we do, and we encourage all to protect ground water sources. Learn more about source water protection and what you can do here.


In general, the average water hardness is 17.48 grains per gallon, or 299 total hardness as CaCO3.


In general, the average Calcium content is 90 mg/L.


MAWSA does not participate in the additionl of chemical Fluoride in its system; howeverk we do test for natrually occuring Fluoride, which is present.


In general, the average Magnesium is 18.3 mg/L.

Lead Safety

Lead connections are not authorized on the MAWSA system. Learn more about lead safety by clicking here.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is essential to the general maintenance and quality of your system and ensures adequate flow is available to customers and emergency services.