Water Quality for CCR

Most callers ask about the water system’s hardness and pH (MAWSA’s average is 16.3 grains and 8.04 pH), but did you know there is a lot more to know about your drinking water? Tap water is subject to more rigorous testing than bottled water. Keep reading to learn more and then follow the link to our most current annual water report to see testing results.

The Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), also known as a “water quality report”, or “drinking water quality report” is an opportunity for us to share with you about the status of your water quality and the measures taken to assure its quality and safety. Each year we compile the results of our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-annual tests into a mailer sent to each customer.

If you live in a property where you do not receive direct communications from MAWSA such as an apartment, copies are sent to your building manager or property owner. Our annual report may also be found by clicking here.