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Programs & Affiliations



Volunteers from all over the service area serve the community and help keep rates stable by giving a hand to maintain hydrants.

Emergency Notify

A phone call notification system is used to contact MAWSA customers of emergencies such as boil water advisories. If you change your email or phone number please notify us via the contact us page so that you received these notices.
Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to submit any changes to contact information to MAWSA, in writing. If you prefer a hand written note this may be dropped off in our office payment slot on either porch.

Hauled Waste

Meters & Transmitters

MAWSA is presently over 33% completed with replacing the 2009 metering system.
Customers in need of either a meter, radio transmitter, or both will be contacted by our contractor for access to the premise.
Please keep an eye on your on-bill message box for details about this project.

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Customers who receive both water and sewer service from MAWSA may be eligible to receive a credit for sewer use for water used to fill a swimming pool. For details abot registration and participation, please use the contact us page to reach us and you will be provided with the appropraite form.

Customers who receive water from MAWSA and sewer from another provider must first confirm that they are eligible for such a sewer credit with their sewer provider. If the sewer provider confirms that the location is eligible to participate in MAWSA’s program our team will be sure to notify your sewer provider of any water use reported under MAWSA’s pool fill sewer credit program.

Source Water Protection

Safe drinking water starts at the source, which is why we partner with local agencies to assure water is safe to drink from the source to your tap. Resources about protecting water sources are Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance and Pennsylvania Water Science Center.


8-1-1 Call Before You Dig

MAWSA is a proud participant in the Pennsylvania One Call System, which strives to prevent injury, property damage, and service interruptions.


American Waterworks Association

PA Rural

Pennsylvania Rural Water Association

PA Warn

Pennsylvania Water/Wastewater Emergency Response Network


Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association