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Hauled Waste


Updated Rate Schedule became effective 11/1/2023.  Please see on page 3, of our Welcome Packet (linked below).

The wastewater treatment plant can receive both Standard and Non-Standard Waste based on an approved permit. Descriptions of Standard and Non-Standard Waste.  See here our Welcome Packet.  In it you will find (pg. 3) our list of required, annual lab analysis run on municipal sludges and Non-Standard wastes.  Please give it a read for an introduction to our program.


Standard waste is described as “residential, commercial, and municipal” and includes sludge, holding tank, portable toilet, and municipal sludge.

For all municipal sludges, analytical results as listed in PADEP chapter 271.914 (b)(1) and (3), shall be provided once per year, and approved by the MAWSA Administrator prior to the first hauling event of the calendar year. Additionally, a description and the source of the sludge shall be provided.”

Haulers who transport Standard Wastes must complete a Permit Application.


Non-standard waste is described as “industrial” and includes landfill leachate, wash waters and condensates, industrial sludge and wastewater, miscellaneous waste, and industrial holding tank.

        MAWSA does NOT currently accept grease trap waste or landfill leachate.

Haulers who transport Non-Standard Wastes will need to have each Generator complete a Non-Standard Permit, which has a $250 permit fee per generated waste stream.

Non-Standard Waste Haulers will need to complete a Hauler Permit Application in addition to the completion of any Non-Standard Permits.


All parties who wish to discharge liquid hauled waste to MAWSA must contact the MAWSA Wastewater Treatment Plant at (717) 665-2737. All haulers are expected to abide by the Liquid Hauled Waste Policy, Hauled Waste Permit and a manifest form is required for each discharge showing the name, address, and telephone number for the source of the wastewater.

The only location to discharge truck hauled wastes in Manheim is at the Wastewater Treatment Plant discharge site, 135 Rettew Lane Manheim, Pa between the hours of 6:30 – 6:30PM, Monday – Thursday and 6:30am to 3:00pm Friday, except for designated holidays. Anyone inside the gate by 3PM may finish offloading.

        See holiday schedule HERE.