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Capital Projects

Capital projects are special in that they meet a certain set of guidelines, either by price range or life expectancy of the project. For example, a line replacement could last a few decades. That would be considered a “capital project”. Typically these projects are scheduled as they tend to require more funds; however, there are times where repairs, replacements, etc. become necessary right away.

View the 2023 Water Capital Budget and 2023 Wastewater Capital Budget.

Other projects are expensed from the Operations & Maintenance Budgets.

Approved 2022-2027
Wastewater Capital Projects
 StatusApproved 2022-2027
Water Capital Projects
Billing Software Upgrade Billing Software 
Driveway repair work at Wastewater Plant Booster Station Upgrades 
Effluent dechlor/UV end treatment Ongoing water line replacement projects 
Inflow and infiltration projects SR 072 Bridge Water Line Relocation Project 
Influent pre-screening project SR 772 Bridge Water Line Relocation Project 
New utility strainers Systemwide Meter Replacement Project 
PS1 piping by-pass project Water reservoir coatings 
Recoat exterior of clarifier #3 Water reservoir security upgrades 
Recoat interior of clarifiers #1 & #2 New Water Plant Project to Include: 
Recoating of interior and exterior of clarifier #4      SCADA System 
Reline/Coat chlorine contact tanks      Membrane Filter modules 
Replace generator at wastewater treatment plant      Explore interconnections 
WAS line modification project      Add control valves at reservoirs 
WWTP Plant Electrical Upgrade Phase 1 & 2      Authority Office Relocation 

April 2022 Improvement Project

South Penn Street/West Stiegel Street manhole re-lining

S Penn W Stiegel manhole relining before
Note the large root ball protruding into the brick and mortar in the upper portion of the

What is a manhole anyway?

“Manholes are vertical underground confined spaces used by utility personnel as a point of access to a sewer system. Sewer systems are built underground with pipes that carry waste from homes and other buildings to a place of treatment or disposal.” Envirosight.com

S Penn W Stiegel manhole relining after
Relining is an effective way to repair and extend the life of the manhole. Note the exposed root
ball free hole toward the upper portion of the photograph.