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Capital Projects

Capital projects are special in that they meet a certain set of guidelines, either by price range or life expectancy of the project. For example, a line replacement could last a few decades. That would be considered a “capital project”. Typically these projects are scheduled as they tend to require more funds; however, there are times where repairs, replacements, etc. become necessary right away.

View the 2021 Water Capital Budget and 2021 Wastewater Capital Budget.

Other projects are expensed from the Operations & Maintenance Budgets.

The 2022 draft O&M and Capital budgets were presented at the November 11, 2021 public meeting and are on the agenda for the December 9, 2021 public meeting.

DRAFT 2022-2027 Wastewater Capital Projects DRAFT 2022-2027 Water Capital Projects
Billing Software Upgrade Billing Software
Driveway repair work at Wastewater Plant Booster Station Upgrades
Effluent dechlor/UV end treatment Ongoing water line replacement projects
Inflow and infiltration projects SR 072 Bridge Water Line Relocation Project
Influent pre-screening project SR 772 Bridge Water Line Relocation Project
New utility strainers Systemwide Meter Replacement Project
PS1 piping by-pass project Water reservoir coatings
Recoat exterior of clarifier #3 Water reservoir security upgrades
Recoat interior of clarifiers #1 & #2 New Water Plant Project to Include:
Recoating of interior and exterior of clarifier #4      SCADA System
Reline/Coat chlorine contact tanks      Membrane Filter modules
Replace generator at wastewater treatment plant      Explore interconnections
WAS line modification project      Add control valves at reservoirs
WWTP Plant Electrical Upgrade Phase 1 & 2      Authority Office Relocation

Here is your team on October 12, 2021 fixing a valve leak.

Laurel Street Valve Repair October 12, 2021


All set!

Laurel St Valve Repair Oct 12, 2021 completed