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Beta Testing

Default and Alternate Account Settings

UPDATE: Beta testing is complete. Alternate Account Settings are now available to all customers.

A number of customers have requested a change to the default account settings, for which we have been working with our provider to find a solution. In order to test this solution, we have reached out to several volunteer customers to test out the alternate account settings.

In order to allow for the beta test accounts to be created there will be a slight delay in the February bill issue. It is anticipated that they will be released by March 4.

A very special thank you to our Beta Test Volunteers for your participating in helping us increase our service levels.

UPDATE: Email statements were issued the evening of March 1. For our paper customers, the print file was forwarded to our printer and will be processed this week. Fun story – we received a letter today, March 1, 2022, with postmark of December 14, 2021. If you haven’t considered switching to email bill delivery, please consider doing so, and the option of electronic payments (there are no fee methods available.)